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Welcome to Lords of Lords
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m3 signup login ladder41,90916,690825,219
m6 signup login ladder45945663
More than 18,828,222 victims where slaughtered in the past 8 days and counting.
You have arrived at the right place to massacre your opponents!
First time here?
To start fast select a world, signup then login and you in the game.
First timers and beginners of the game are advised to visit a world with online players, they can help you.
This is a Hardcore Server when you die here you restart at level 1! Welcome to Meadow were the Gods of immortal has left your adventure begins here.
There are usually friendly players in the game to help you with your questions.
m3 = Meadow 3 launched on 09 Nov 2009
Same as Meadow2 but usually allot more quit.
This is a outlaw server! Here everything is allowed! No Admins! No Cops! No nothing! Enter at your own risk! You hate rules, you are evil, you are a cheater, you hate the HCM, you are on the island called Xedon where the HCM does not exist!
Players Versus Player only.
Chat can randomly drop inventory items, Gold, Xp and Super Life.
The development laboratories of Lords of Lords.
All players have a max life span of 100 days.
Killing spree increases when it nears the new round!
Newest stuff will be introduced and tested here first.
The latest release of this game.
Was an European server converted from Meadow code to Evolve code.
Experimental with time turn based fighting system.
How this game began, take a look into the past.
Control your own server / world at lordsoflords.net.
Experimental No bots or auto players.
Win prices here:
First to level 100 Mil
First Person: = 500 credz
Second person: = 100 credz

First to level 1 Bil
First Person: = 1000 credz
Second Person: = 500 credz
Third person: = 100 credz

First to level 5 Bil
First Person: = 3 GCS
Second Person: = 2 GCS
Third person: = 1 GC
Price allocation in any server.
Short description of all worlds
Show a short description of all available variations in servers.
What is Lords of Lords?
Lords of Lords is a free online text based RPG game to be played with any internet browser.
About Lords of Lords.
No downloads required, can be played on any computer with a browser and internet connection.
Take a look in the chat box.
Still need help? Go to our forums and ask everything there.

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