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1The Best Ever - Now playing (old and rotten)958,976Admin Oropher 3,513D 12:57:48 ago
2Defend your castle...548,545Mod doctor 3,654D 26:42 ago
3Autoing for n00bs215,887Admin PugG 4,049D 03:22:51 ago
4[M2] Game Records ONLY!1025,831Lord suzi 1,875D 22:32:47 ago
5Site template designers WANTED!885,111Admin PrototypeX 4,132D 22:55:05 ago
6Now Playing (new and shiny)704,966Admin NorskVind 3,379D 11:28:36 ago
7Evolve Records1044,902Lord suzi 1,875D 22:03:10 ago
8The most important topic in this forum ever made s344,782Mod doctor 3,620D 10:09:23 ago
9TRADES1004,744Admin GreatCornholio 4,604D 08:05:08 ago
10[VOTE] everyone... sigs/avatars1934,679Admin Oropher 4,208D 07:14:12 ago
11[M2 Merge Warning] - everyone read before merging!424,349Admin NorskVind 3,404D 07:01:23 ago
12[Eidolon] Records.694,289Support sunny 3,163D 21:45:28 ago
13Game Wishes414,255Admin Coolsonia 3,845D 01:16:37 ago
14M1 Records644,226Cop ORION 2,630D 06:10:58 ago
15Shadow 1/2 records1044,215Lord sunny 3,240D 20:10:04 ago
16Merging LoL history1194,182Admin Grimms 3,259D 14:11:54 ago
17>m2< bugs abuse= expect pwn4g3414,111Cop Speedy 4,130D 06:05:40 ago
18TRADES - 2173,892Support Coolsonia 4,319D 03:56:35 ago
19NEW SERVER RECORD473,784Lord Azot 4,662D 01:21:24 ago
20Yay More Lag1063,622Admin Gimligin2 3,921D 15:36:51 ago
21(Noauto autoing issue)1173,603Lord Kirbyman 3,372D 08:14:30 ago
22Poll1073,597Lord hatemecob 4,577D 13:09:22 ago
23What is IMPORTANT.443,541Admin PugG 3,375D 19:21:48 ago
24A Bug283,468Lord suzi 1,875D 22:19:32 ago
25[M2] Politics for Potential HCMs Only193,442Lord Omniraider 4,279D 08:17:38 ago
26M2 - Selling J2, Pix, and everything i have643,410Admin NorskVind 3,953D 09:31:40 ago
27One word to describe how you are feeling1093,318Mod Asylum612 4,157D 02:56:08 ago
28new multi mute rule (again)623,304Lord NewBKiller 4,719D 17:27:13 ago
29World Cup 20061353,281Admin PugG 4,004D 17:18:32 ago
30Searching for:1083,272Support Nasuada 3,946D 07:11:46 ago
31Emo alert!!!1063,269Support Nasuada 3,935D 06:11:40 ago
32New & Improved - Now Playing1013,268Lord Nate 3,727D 09:26:19 ago
33To 0mega - 24 hour warning1053,209Admin PugG 3,944D 12:16:45 ago
34OLD SUCK ASS TOPIC Now Playing (revival)1033,025Lady LiettaSalk 3,773D 11:55:04 ago
35Making sigs962,955Mod KnightKu 3,897D 23:44:28 ago

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