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1Lord cooky2k32,7956Y7W2D19:39:46 ago1W6D08:12 ago19 Dec 2003 23:38
2Lord Shayno1253Y10W4D09:21:12 ago1Y7W5D02:48:26 ago24 Jul 2010
3Admin SilenT1237W3D01:48:56 ago28W3D17:18:11 ago01 Jan 2000
4Lord aaronpawlak528W4D06:18:29 ago28W4D06:22:12 ago11 Dec 2017
5Lord carterturner51Y7W6D04:58:25 ago1Y7W6D05:02:00 ago21 Aug 2017
6Lord Revelations526W4D06:41:14 ago29W3D16:13:43 ago24 Mar 2018
7Lord Ragnar41Y17W5D12:07:35 ago1Y22W1D13:12:13 ago04 Feb 2017
8Lord Shadowkingk21Y7W6D05:42:20 ago1Y7W6D05:42:36 ago21 Nov 2016
9Lord jamesmason26W10:37:35 ago6W11:07:59 ago04 Sep 2018
10Lord Kame138W18:36:47 ago38W18:40:34 ago22 Jan 2018
11Lord corboisdabest140W2D20:08:35 ago40W2D20:13:12 ago06 Jan 2018
12Lord jimbowiggle11Y20W6D14:42:22 ago30W1D05:20:01 ago23 May 2017
13Lord Paly11Y16W2D18:50:23 ago1Y13W11:11:35 ago24 Jun 2017
14Lord Barley048Y42W6D17:29:56 ago1Y14W1D18:13:43 ago09 Jul 2017
15Lord mrbundy048Y42W6D17:29:56 ago7W1D18:13:50 ago27 Aug 2018
16Lord KellenD048Y42W6D17:29:56 ago5W6D17:51:21 ago05 Sep 2018
17Lord Ventrue048Y42W6D17:29:56 ago1Y23W4D09:07:40 ago04 May 2017
18Lord Astoru048Y42W6D17:29:56 ago1Y13W1D07:53:20 ago16 Jul 2017

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