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lol Wt* am i doing wrong?
Death poster
13Y9W6D04:45:20 ago
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yeah definitely tried to make an account in the game like 8 times - and either i finish creating and it brings up this page with a random link, doesnt say it created or that i need to go back and change anything


it says my characters were invalid or some s**t

so then i try to login on any of the 3 names i tried to create

says my password or user is wrong

either im a retard or this system totally blows for explaining how this mess works
Admin SilenT
13Y9W6D04:42:47 ago
Made 12 posts since 01 Jan 2000

[My Blog]
use only:


minimum 4 characters?
what server or forum give the url I'll take a look
Death poster
13Y9W6D04:38:46 ago
[My Blog]
the server was 'meadowII' ? the n00b one - and my attampted user names were


and Talon was the only char name i chose
Admin SilenT
13Y9W6D04:11:52 ago
Made 12 posts since 01 Jan 2000

[My Blog]
No fields may match like:
Talon username
Talon charname

this is a base of an insecure account

that's why the signup was aborted early.
Death poster
13Y9W5D18:56:14 ago
[My Blog]
I suck and like to suck balls and dicks

hahah so funny

Edited on 26 Jan 2018 03:07:54 by Admin SilenT

Death poster
2Y27W01:21:36 ago
[My Blog]
you can try with Taft or Tad or you can check more on http://www.babynology.com/american-boynames-t0.html.
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