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SilenT\'s email?
Admin Panda
2,048D 17:38:34 ago
Made 308 posts since 05 Aug 2008

[My Blog]
anyone know it? I've searched everywhere and can't find the damn thing... LoL
Lord Doctor
2,032D 04:43:51 ago
Made 1 posts since 25 Dec 2014

[My Blog]
You could try him on facebook:
or twitter:
Admin Panda
2,013D 22:04:23 ago
Made 308 posts since 05 Aug 2008

[My Blog]
Thanks Doc. I'm going to give it a try :)
I really appreciate it. Haven't seen you around in awhile though. Did you leave again or are you still coming in from time to time?
Whenever you stop by and if you are still playing, send Draksnoob a message and I'll give ya a friendly b00st and hook you up with some gold to get you up and running again :)
Take Care mate.

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