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admin charlton S2
Death poster
1,968D 11:38:31 ago
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im not sure if this is something you can look into.. but today somehow i lost 2 charms while my macro was running. and well... i lost almost 3 quad exp. is it possible for you to see how i lost the charms? if not let me know via in game msg plz. im just kinda mad i now have to click all that back. not looking for anything but an explanation. please and thank you ahead of time for any assistance you can give.
Admin Shayno
1,968D 01:41:05 ago
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Sounds like you set your auto too high with the XP loss, Charm loss, haven't really heard of that before. Perhaps inventory loss?
Death poster
1,967D 03:39:50 ago
[My Blog]
nope not what happened. lol even arch had charms poof on him.
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