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M3 Auto
Death poster
4Y49W3D11:53:49 ago
[My Blog]
This is the auto for M3, please keep in mind it will NOT work until you are strong enough to fight CPM's (Chaos Post Mortoms).


You also need PXPerl to run the auto properly which can be acquired here.


You will need to edit the 3rd to last line of the .bat file, which will look like: perl m3.pl charactername password 1.00 0 "Stealer"

charactername and pass are your login username and password, 1.00 is how often the auto runs, starting at once a second, but you should be able to change it to around .34. The 0 after is your character type and will determine what stats you level/what stats it uses to determine what level CPM's you can fight. 1 for agility mage, 2 for str/dex/conc fighter, 3 for pure mage, and 4 for pure fighter. Finally, Stealer will be the character you automatically steal from IF you have freeplay. If you do not have freeplay, put it as something generic like Lord Stealer.

Edited on 15 Apr 2015 00:02:26 by Admin Jason

Death poster
3Y44W2D05:16:03 ago
[My Blog]
perl downloads fine but getting "temporary error, retrying for auto"
all good, thanks

Edited on 04 May 2015 05:08:51 by Lord Satanus

Death poster
3Y30W3D05:09:49 ago
[My Blog]
I'm getting an error when I run the auto stating there is no form number 0 at m3.pl line 469
Is there a way to correct this error? Thanks
Death poster
3Y30W3D02:55:23 ago
[My Blog]
For the M3 Perl Script my line 469 looks exactly like this: $mech->form(0);

Check and see if yours looks the same, it should, I honestly don't know why it's giving you that error.
Death poster
3Y30W2D23:45:54 ago
[My Blog]
Its the same. Its stating
There is no form numbered 0 at m3.pl line 469
Can't call method "value" on an undefined value at C:/PXPerl/site/lib/WWW/Mechanize.pm line 1030

Everything matches the code I'm running on a laptop too. So I have no idea what to do.
Death poster
3Y30W2D09:39:07 ago
[My Blog]
Installed it on another laptop but this time I get 2 different errors. But eventually the auto runs.
I got a similar error to before but stating 1 instead of 0
And the other was monster field cannot be unchecked - which is weird because I'm level 3000M1

Not really sure what is going on.
Death poster
3Y30W2D05:53:31 ago
[My Blog]
I get the call method error sometimes too, usually restarting helps, and sometimes it resolves itself after a time. I have no idea about the monster field. Well, as long as it's working now that works.
Death poster
3Y30W2D05:12:12 ago
[My Blog]
Ah cool so the method error is normal
I got the monster field error due to the auto being unable to read my stats. Everything came back 0 so guess that explains that error.

Do you get the occasional error of uninitialized value during the auto?
Also how long does your run for? Mine tends to stop working after awhile. Not sure if it will happen on the new laptop but the old one stopped after 3 or 4 hours.
Death poster
3Y30W2D04:07:23 ago
[My Blog]
Same, I usually have to restart it anywhere from a few hours later to a week later.
Death poster
3Y30W2D02:52:10 ago
[My Blog]
Wow a week later?
Never had it running that long.
Thanks for your help too
Death poster
3Y25W5D16:31:41 ago
[My Blog]
I cannot seem to get it to work for the str/dex/con fighter. Pure fighter works just fine though. And I am just leveling Wep Damage. I need to get my Dex up to be able to hit something.

"Use of unintialized value in substitution (s///) at m3.pl line 277
Use of unintialized value in substitution (s///) at m3.pl line 278
Use of unintialized value in substitution (s///) at m3.pl line 279
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at m3.pl line 281"

The 'Monster' field can't be unchecked at C:/PXPerl/site/lib/WWW/Mechanize.pm line 1118
Death poster
3Y25W5D12:41:51 ago
[My Blog]
Well now when I level up as pure fighter I am getting this error

"Use of uninitialized concatenation (.) or string at m3.pl line 331
Use of uninitialized concatenation (.) or string at m3.pl line 338"
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