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Suggestions for Sotse Server
Death poster
4Y47W16:14:22 ago
[My Blog]
Just thought I would make a topic for the new server ideas for SilenT to consider. (Seeing how he has been very active and open to our ideas)

1. Maybe bring back the tournament.
(1)There are not that many guilds in the new server yet, but if the "winner" could sit out one or two rounds prior to winning to allow other guilds a chance to win.

2. Make more "titles" for the admins to change character titles to.
(2) We have "Helper and Stealer" titles. Maybe consider the following titles also: Assistant, Clicker, etc.

3. Decreasing the One Month Inactive timer for stealers to be active on steals page.
(3) I personally would like to see this reduced to maybe 15 days to help the active players be able to steal from their "stealers" and not have to wait an entire month.

4. Decreasing time on Merge Accounts to hit the merge list.
(4) Reduce that 3 month timer down to 2 months at least.

Edited on 25 Mar 2014 17:22:40 by Admin Ambiti0n

Death poster
4Y47W08:22:13 ago
[My Blog]
Also maybe making it so m2, m3, and sotse forums are NOT connected in ANY way. That'd be great.
Lord Shayno
4Y47W02:38:52 ago
Made 125 posts since 24 Jul 2010

[My Blog]
1. Agreed, please bring back tournaments, how Amb has suggested sounds good!
2. Yep, more titles please.
3. not sure on this one, it has always been the one thing that seperated Evolve from Meadow code. Change is always nice though.
4. same as above.

I don't agree on what Panda said, Forums have never been separate for server, why start now? No thanks.

Another suggestion would be to increase the FP bonus %, but also increase the gods cost? just to make it a bit quirky? I don't know.. just something different haha.
Death poster
4Y46W6D12:03:04 ago
[My Blog]
FP bonus is just fine, it's always been great at 2,500% bonus. Why change it? I don't agree with the FP change, it'd give far too much advantage over people that can afford to pay for fp over people that might not be capable, we want people to enjoy the game not see the only way to move forward successfully would be to pay for it.
Death poster
4Y46W5D15:18:45 ago
[My Blog]
I would all really like to see the charms reduced back down to the normal "5".. or maybe 10.
100 charms is just over kill and a pain.
Death poster
4Y46W5D07:32:35 ago
[My Blog]
I agree, even 20 as a max would be okay, but being able to keep them and transfer more than the original 5 would be wonderful.... since right now you cant transfer any more if you have the original 5 charm slots full
Death poster
4Y46W1D15:20:14 ago
[My Blog]
The biggest nuisance in my opinion is the 100 charms. Its way too many and I don't like how much work it is to manage them. You can't give charms to anyone who has 5 or more charms, so in order to boost you have to get rid of all charms and then get another 100 when you're done.

I think a simple fix would be making an option that disables all charm bonuses while active. So instead of having to sell 95 charms every time you want to drop exp, you can just turn off charm bonus til you're done.

Please SilenT, make this happen, or some other way to handle the charms better.

I also think 20 is a good number of charms, but I still don't want to have to get rid of them to drop exp.

20 charm cap, with a more streamlined way of managing them would make me very happy.
Admin SilenT
4Y46W21:52:15 ago
Made 12 posts since 01 Jan 2000

[My Blog]
charms set to 10
Death poster
4Y46W16:26:17 ago
[My Blog]
Thank you for the charm decrease. Whenever you get a moment to consider the following requests above would be awesome.
Death poster
4Y46W14:39:53 ago
[My Blog]
Indeed, Thanks Jim. 10 is much better than 100. Though is there anyway that you can make it so that we can transfer 10 charms to our characters and not just 5 like it is at the moment. I'm sure I speak for all of us when it comes to this subject. :) Cause I bet we all have charms that we don't wanna sell just to drop exp (even though I only have 1 clicker here atm, everyone else has this problem as well though)
Death poster
4Y46W07:51:46 ago
[My Blog]
I don't totally agree with the transferring of 10 charms. That will make it so you can place 10 GC's on one clicker and be super over powered.
-Maybe make it to where u can only have 5 GC's. Then it would be fine to transfer 10 charms.

If not, maybe you can place in a box you can check and deactivate any remaining charms on the character would be better. Or anything of that sort.
Death poster
4Y45W4D10:51:11 ago
[My Blog]
I am all for making it so you can only have 5 GC's but transfer 10 charms.. I don't have any GC's and I am trying to syphon out the best possible set of 10 charms that I find. But it's friggin shitty because to send charms over to my main guy that I find on other chars (because I auto charm hunt on multiple chars), I have to get rid of a ton before I send. So basically it's unnecessarily very difficult
Death poster
4Y45W4D07:47:09 ago
[My Blog]
I agree with the only 5 gcs, but still being able to xfer all 10 charms instead of just 5 would be alot better. Also the "Charms Ladder" doesnt work properly anymore. Is there anyway you can fix that and make it work correctly again Jim? I always have liked seeing who has the best world charms of each type, but now I can't. :'(
Death poster
4Y26W13:09:18 ago
[My Blog]
i didn't read all this but free char migration?????
Death poster
4Y25W3D20:08:14 ago
[My Blog]
yeah, i'm tired of farming charms because you can't transfer more than 5
also i think 15 charms would be cool, still only 5 gc's though per char
i like how world charms still add an element of control via charms on stats, it also effects the build with the random % on the charms it makes for interesting builds, but not if you have to re-farm the charms that just ruins it
i'd love to see some kind of exp gold boost for active players, an incentive to pop on once every 3 hours or something for a 10-15% exp boost or something
personally i'd like to see stealers go to the steals list in 10 days and i'd like to see a few more steals, people lose alot of exp making stealers and the reward should be greater
a way to convert exp to gold at a fair rate would be good also, and a way to spend gold on charms maybe a new type of charm like angel charms or something that give 75% to all stats and can be bought in game for your max carriable gold or something
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