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This is kind of funny, and probably not how it should be (SilenT)
Death poster
4Y16W6D18:26:27 ago
[My Blog]
Round 1
Existence Cornholio spell fizzles!
Pinklia Fish spell fizzles!
Existence Cornholio misses!
Pinklia Fish hits for 222,839,989,666,791! Existence Cornholio blocks for 1,417,189,882,356,994.
Existence Cornholio cast for 423,163,626,960,435! Pinklia Fish contravents for 145,039,896,888,880.
Pinklia Fish spell fizzles!

Your freeplay bonus was 4,090% / 10,000%!
You have slain 21697 Pinklia Fish.
You gain 581,943,123,224 Z8 xp and 135,335,610,052 Z8 gold.
FP Killing spree of 21697 / 30000 !

Pet gains 66,583,881,375,803,528 XP.

Not the second cast was in green, which has been in the past, indicative of the presence of a heal spell. If that's not the case, this should be blue, but if it is, it certainly shouldn't be doing damage to mobs.
Death poster
4Y16W6D18:19:06 ago
[My Blog]
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