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Small explaination
Death poster
4Y16W6D18:20:13 ago
[My Blog]
so as to keep myself from being jailed in m3 i kinda feel i should get out my frustrations in a forums post.
the reasons and circumstances concerning my exodus to m3 are as follows:

firstly, yesterday i achieved level 10 bill there which was the goal i'd set myself before boosting my chars and calling a halt to the friendly competition over there between myself and shayne and dartz team.

i then requested that my king title be changed to helper as i was finished and no longer cared to have the king title, i would wait til they had actually past me in levels and then re take a nobility title after, i created a char called knowledge in anticipation of having the general title.

then this morning, shayne had changed my nobility title back to king for some reason and when i asked him to change it back he began to bait me, i got a strong impression that he wanted an excuse to jail my chars, like he'd been being civil while i was allowing myself to compete with him and dartz but had changed his attitude once i removed myself as competition.

having got this impression from his behavior i decide to transfer my gc's and remaining credits to m3 where he doesn't hold a hc title and if you look at chat logs he followed me here and continued to bait me.

if i thought there was a chance of some recompense i might request that his admin title be revoked so i can go back there and play my chars in peace

Edited on 22 Oct 2014 15:22:44 by Lord corbo

Death poster
4Y16W6D18:14:39 ago
[My Blog]
Admin Archilies Human 20,273,907,533 Continual threatening of players, real or implied is not at all allowed.

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 EyE]before i leave, anyone that wants my chars and exp in sotse, you can have them really cheap

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 EyE]karma is not a threat

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 EyE]please explain why in message here, not sure i understand what part of the chat rules i broke since i was warned?

Admin Archilies Human 20,273,907,533 Warned you before. Corbo muted for 30 minutes

Helper Corbo1 Human 1,029,091,338 EyE]pathetic little man, karma dude, all i have to say to you, you'll get what's coming to you

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 you're* just FYI
Helper Corbo1 Human 1,029,091,338 EyE]someone buy my gc's

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 oh my.

Helper Corbo1 Human 1,029,091,338 EyE]your out of order shayne, and you know it, little person that has now bullied 2 players out of the same server, if the game master cared at all about this game you'd be jailed indefinately for costing the game master money

Helper Corbo1 Human 1,029,091,338 EyE]kk arch

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 Making threats.. Wow.

Admin Archilies Human 20,273,907,533 Don't care what the reason is, keep the requests for real life info out of game

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 -.-
Helper Corbo1 Human 1,029,091,338 EyE]no i mean i wanna know where this guy lives, needs a lesson teaching

Admin Archilies Human 20,273,907,533 Can't tell if you're trolling or not, Corbo. Either way, don't ask for people's personal information.

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 By the looks, it won't take you long to get a mute.. :|

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 EyE]skrew it 5000 sterling

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 EyE]p.s anyone that know shaynes actuall street adress, i'll give you 1000 sterling if you give it to me

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 lol!

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 EyE]p.s drak you owe me 200 credz

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 EyE]so now the trolling is over, i offer myself my auto my gc's and my fp to anyone that would like a extra guy on there team

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 EyE]

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 There is global here too, just FYI.

Helper Corbo1 Human 1,029,091,338 EyE]test

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 over there, being the dark side of lordsoflords :P

Admin Archilies Human 20,273,907,533 Over there?

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 Not that many people do anymore.

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 didnt even know he played over there

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 Did you guys know this is what Josh looks like? Just found it on .net. http://lordsoflords.net/members.php?info=Feuer

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 Thanks for reiterating Arch :)

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 EyE]agree entirely

Admin Archilies Human 20,273,907,533 Gotta agree, please keep the SoTse drama to its own server, don't need it here.

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 not what i meant, but w/e genius

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 You on the other hand, no one knows you.

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 I've been here for over 10 years, on and off mate. Everyone here knows me. LOL.

Helper Corbo1 Human 1,029,091,338 enjoy playing sotse with your choir boy

Helper Corbo1 Human 1,029,091,338 yeah but now they can see what you are shayne

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 I'm not admin here, I can do what ever I want, within the rules. Nothing about trolling in the rules, fella.

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 can you see the trolling people, this is an admin........

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 Have you played Devlab? Could be a perfect server for you. Nice and quiet, and resets every 100 days so you can "play" and "experiment" all you want.

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 A Char that is SEVERELY lacking in steals is worth very little to anyone here. Let alone not having many credits for FP.. :(

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 No one will want or use them mate. lol.

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 i'm here to play, offering my services to anyone that could use them

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 You've been told many times not to come here whining and complaining. See what happens.

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 I'm sure you'll work your way into a mute/jail here Corbo. You don't need help with that.

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 no wonder josh quit, your an evil little man

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 if there was a chat log on sotse i'd have that thing backed up, just to show what what kind of person you really are shayne

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 w/e dude

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 Like everyone here has said before. they don't want to know what you try to get up to on other servers. If you want to play here fine. But don't bring other server dramas into this chatbox.

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 p.s you owe me 200 credz drak

Duke Zookeeper Pseudo Dragon 114,419,858,808 lol.. Corbo, don't be so childish.

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 quite alot to offer really

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 and who will pay for there own fp

Earl Corbo Human 1,030,046,306 a hcm member who will remain nameless has decided to bully me off of my main server chars, so i come here and offer my services to anyone here that could use a team member with a set of gc's
Lord Shayno
4Y16W6D10:23:39 ago
Made 125 posts since 24 Jul 2010

[My Blog]
Continue to act like a child and you'll get treated like one. You've already been muted on M3 for threatening me, physically. Then continue to act like a child in M3 chat, after repeatedly being told NOT to talk about Sotse in M3 chat.
Now you come onto the forums to keep complaining and playing the victim.

Really whats going on here, is for the last 3-4 months, you've been acting like a 12 year old. Continuously spamming in chat, complaining about game features, after being told NOT to do so in chatbox.
Yeah sure, I change your char back to King, because you deserve it, you clicked some xp. To show you how frustrating it is when someone does something, you REALLY don't want them to do, I changed your title. Seems like I got my point across.

Now, perhaps if you didnt act so childish, we wouldn't be in this situation.

Like I said, don't act so childish and we, you and I, won't have any problems. Simple.

This will be my only response to you. Say what you will from now on.

Good Luck.
Death poster
4Y16W6D09:29:53 ago
[My Blog]
Hey mate,

Just checking that you don't plan on hitting our stealers as we didnt hit yours.. There are things in this game which people don't do. One of them is hitting others stealers. Doesn't matter how rude people may be at times. No one hits stealers on this game. Thats over stepping the boundaries.


Signed by,
[SRM]Admin Shaynerama Pseudo Dragon 53,947,015 - 786:41:24 ago
message from shayne when first took possession of joshes chars
Death poster
4Y16W6D09:25:23 ago
[My Blog]
Dartz stole 220,015,547 Attackspell from Stealer Ambitionv4 [7,757,270,462]
on paper
Death poster
4Y16W6D09:25:00 ago
[My Blog]
[SRM]Admin Shaynerama Pseudo Dragon 53,947,015 : Sweet! Free stealers.
in chat
Death poster
4Y16W6D09:21:57 ago
[My Blog]
are we getting a picture now people, shayne is being nasty, he was polite so i'd play joshes chars and dartz and he could have some fun trying to catch me, i end the race the next day he does this, for no real reason, p.s regardless of his personal feelings about me personally he should not abuse his admin title and use it as a position from which to attempt to bully me

Edited on 23 Oct 2014 00:22:07 by Lord corbo

Death poster
4Y16W6D09:07:23 ago
[My Blog]
this is my line in the sand, either an admin title for me on sotse or a removal of his, let me reiterate this much, I BROKE NO RULES ON SOTSE, he just doesn't like me, which i couldn't care less about, but to attack me and to try and geode me into rule breaking, sorry but that is unacceptable, boy needs knocking down a peg or 2 and there is only one person who can even this score and that person laughed at me when i raised concerns about making shayne admin on sotse.....rick dude, my future in this game rests with you fella, i trust you'll be fair about it at least
Death poster
4Y16W6D08:56:35 ago
[My Blog]
also, not once did i hit one of there stealers, not once
Death poster
4Y16W6D08:23:02 ago
[My Blog]
First off.

Wow man ... stop being so dramatic. It's game for crying out loud. This is not the first time you've flat out demanded an admin title. Your actions in this thread show me and everyone else that you definitely do not have what it takes to be one.

Shayne. Let him have his nobility title where he wants it. That's his choice, if he wants his nobility title on a lower character, we can't really fault him for that. They're specialty titles, let him have his vanity character if he wants it. We shouldn't discourage such gaming.

If the fact that we aren't just going to hand over an admin title forces you from the game, then so be it. The admins that are in place have either been admins elsewhere or have earned their titles. No one is going get one handed to them just because they want one. That's the wrong reason for wanting to be an admin in the first place, because it clearly demonstrates you would abuse the power of the title.
Death poster
4Y16W4D20:43:46 ago
[My Blog]
that's fair enough rick, tbh I just wanted a little power in my corner before people start deleting my gold for stupid reasons, more over my preference is for Shayne to be stripped of his admin title, I don't want my gold deleted before it becomes apparent that he doesn't deserver it

if I move back to sites rick, can you promise me that you will be an unbiased mediator and ensure a save playing environment for myself and the others who play there?

p.s this was not about the title this was about the change of attitude from an admin and the obvious baiting, you can see the friendly messages I had from him when he wanted something from me, his attitude changed over night
Death poster
4Y16W03:42:03 ago
[My Blog]
Blah blah blah. Nothing has changed since I joined in 2006.

1. Stealers are for everyone. If someone makes one and requests that no one steals from it and everyone respects their requests then all is fine and dandy in the world. If someone wants to play dirty and hit them anyways then they can. There is no specific rule anywhere, nor has there ever been (to my knowledge), stating that you can't steal from any particular inactive. While yes respecting other people's stealers will most likely in return have them show you the same respect, that is never guaranteed. Random Billybob that has never played this game before could boost up enough and steal from whoever they want, and there is absolutely NOTHING anyone can do about it. Its all part of the game. If someone is doing it just to bug you, then hit their stealers and maybe they will stop. But either way you're getting steals. Suck it up.

2. If you think that's trolling, LOL. I started almost 9 years ago (January 4th will make 9). And oh the holly hell everyone gave me back then when I was 12 years old and annoyed the crap outta everyone. I've had my fair share of mutes for losing my temper. Since you are not HCM, click on their name and ignore them. Simply put, if someone bugs you ignore them. You're allowing Shayne to get you all upset over a game and get the best of you. If you're who you say you are then you're old enough and have played long enough you should be past all this. Of course quite frankly, Shayne was being incredibly nice to you. Suck it up or block him.

3. Demanding an Admin title or any other HCM title and not getting it, as Rick put it, forces you from the game, then please leave. Even as dead as this game is, we do not need people like that around. This game died off years ago in activity. It managed to survive without you once, it will continue to survive without you until Jim kills it off.

I know what I say seems a little harsh, but it's the truth. This is a game. You get out of it what you make it. If you want to fight and argue then you will lose the enjoyment it is meant to give. If you refuse to play others games and don't let them get the best of you and go on about your merry way you will enjoy this game a whole lot more.
Death poster
4Y14W17:36:37 ago
[My Blog]
glad to see there is always drama in the game. I quit yrs ago, but still log in every so many days to see whats going on and keep track of my players. I have seen this exact fight play out several times, and there is never a "winner". Complaining.whining like this does nothing for anyone and honestly its best just to just ignore the person who keep irritating you. Part of the reason why this game is so dead is because of things like this. I know i got sick of the crap on the main servers n went to eidolon where it was quieter.
Death poster
4Y14W13:04:56 ago
[My Blog]
Couldn't agree more Nikki ESPECIALLY on your #1. I had Rick (Corn) and Jason (Arch) strip me of my Admin title over in m3 simply because I hit someone elses stealers... If you wanna complain Mark. Just be thankful you weren't the admin that managed to even get a High Council back in m3 by taking months to figure out how to contact Jim, then have him make me 1 because everyone had quit and the HC completely vanished due to inactivity. Then have 2 people that you made admins yourself turn on you and strip your title for hitting a stealer that belonged to someone else. Just get over it and enjoy the game, that's what I did. Even though they were 100% wrong for doing it, I still play the game, hell I even still talk to both of them (even civillay)... Shit happens. Get over it my friend...
Death poster
4Y14W03:17:48 ago
[My Blog]
I'm getting old, lol. Quite frankly I just don't take crap from anyone anymore. If you wanna argue then you're going to do it alone. I will say my peace and move on. I make things as fair as I can for the servers I am an Admin in. If no one likes it... well then that's their problem. And if it comes down to a loss of title... well quite frankly I don't care either. Please, someone take these titles from me. I have no problem stepping down. Lol.
Death poster
4Y13W6D20:15:21 ago
[My Blog]
tbh i couldn't care less about the stealers, i only mentioned it to illustrate the provocations, i mean the hcm of each server decides the rules for that server in regards to stealers, and in sotse, it was agreed that stealers would be personal, this thread had nothing to do with stealers tbh
Death poster
4Y13W1D18:06:07 ago
[My Blog]
No I know that, but you were ranting about how the HC was "abusing his powers" and attempting to bully you. I was simply showing you that it won't do you any good to rant about ANY HC members. They will do what they wish, when they wish, how they wish. Plain and simple. That's why I was saying, it's best to just move on, enjoy the game, and get over it. In all honestly.
Death poster
4Y13W1D02:30:17 ago
[My Blog]
Speak for yourself Drak. I still go by the rules set for each server. And I'm sure others do too.
Death poster
4Y12W07:51:36 ago
[My Blog]
I didn't say all HC members :P of course I know you play fair hun. You were pretty much excluded from my entire explanation lol
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