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cookie issues
Lord corboisdabest
1Y5W6D10:49:53 ago
Made 1 posts since 06 Jan 2018

[My Blog]
i'm still unable to log in any of my chars on any server.
i am not experienced enough to know why but it's not working at all.
the link for the site is sometimes // rather then / but i'm not sure why that would happen or even if that could cause this it says cookie error 22 set cookie. so is that that my browser isn;t accepting the cookie or something??? i have changed nothing since the server change and the https: change. is there a chance there are security issues with my i.p or something like that??
Admin SilenT
1Y3W1D11:11 ago
Made 12 posts since 01 Jan 2000

[My Blog]

dunno why?
maybe because the code was written in php 4 but its outdated..
or misconfiguration in the LAMP server.
unknown bug
Admin SilenT
1Y3W1D10:58:58 ago
Made 12 posts since 01 Jan 2000

[My Blog]
omg I started in 2001 I suck lol
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