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Lords of Lords Hall of Fame
The best of best players from all servers!
The best of m3
1. King Loki303,230,565,469
2. Lord Shanklin254,654,973,812
3. Helper Draksmage3249,791,544,822
The best of SotSE
1. Helper Ragnarok265,467,027,285
2. King Shadowking62,114,264,597
3. Helper Dartz61,158,735,949
The best of m6
1. Lord Ventrue4,069,306,583
2. Untrust Tranquil3,492,767,973
3. Demon Diamonds3,299,189,379
The best of s7
1. King Shadowlord14,776
2. King Cease2xist8,710
3. Prince Hunting8,674

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