Free online text-based RPG games m6
Free text based online RPG game, fight monsters, explore worlds, chat or duel other online players.
More than 20 races, fast fighting, no email required to sign up, it's easy, it's fast, it's free!.

Their are 182 warriors and wizards that kept their character alive and kicking.
We welcome our newest adventurer Lord Sothus
Top online exp players
1Premium memberHelper UnderwearUndead2,436,448,2804M584,149M43
2Premium memberHelper TrainwreckUndead2,350,779,482274,625M485,643M48
3Premium memberKing 4evrUndead2,301,083,353256,531M484,860M48
4Premium memberDemon DiamondsUndead2,292,370,107349,266M4116,422M40
5Premium memberPrincess DaenerysUndead2,267,596,5943M5706,960M40
6Premium memberUntrust TranquilUndead2,229,585,739136,792M445,545M40
7Premium memberDemon ShadowlordUndead1,295,766,646130,380M415,081M41
8Duke AragonUndead654,592,51259,025M48,216M40
9Premium memberHelper AragoonHuman549,403,06233,385M47,946M41
10General CorboUndead321,260,5906,111M41,638M40
11Premium memberSupport PalyUndead274,989,2503,715M4147M40
12Premium memberMarquess AstoruUndead270,745,2193,516M4842M40
13Helper Astoru2Troll179,523,101964M4242M40
14Premium memberHelper CharmerUndead110,898,726208M458M41
15Helper Astoru3Undead17,654,810633,793M3194,077M30
Their are now 15 visible players online!

Today with 562,547 battles!
08 18 2017 with 1,898,655 battles!
08 17 2017 with 2,015,773 battles!
08 16 2017 with 1,907,638 battles!
08 15 2017 with 2,023,258 battles!
08 14 2017 with 1,890,326 battles!
08 13 2017 with 1,963,830 battles!
With a grandtotal 15,519,519 battles in 8 days!
Most slaughtering happened on 07 23 2017 with 3,257,492 battles.
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