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Admin SilenT 15 Sep 2017 (35D 22:38:48 ago)
Disabling char merger maybe cause of all lol DB crash.
Admin SilenT 12 Feb 2017 (250D 23:40:46 ago)
Races overhaul added special ability stat.
Other skillset or race specific abilities in progress.
Admin SilenT 12 Feb 2017 (251D 20:20:50 ago)
Replaced Fight button with AD AP and SP
Admin SilenT 11 Feb 2017 (251D 21:25:03 ago)
MAX LEVEL about 1.000
allot less exp and gold gain
Admin SilenT 15 Dec 2014 (1,041D 19:12:10 ago)
Clearing up codes.
This is a messed up php 4. something code it need to be updated to 5.6.
Back thenmy skills aren't as good and clean as today I'll try to find some time to redo the whole thing.
Admin SilenT 23 Mar 2014 (1,308D 18:36 ago)
m3 was launched a back while ago 2009
from now on a new server will be created every year.
Starting with 2014
SotSE = Sword of the Sixth Element
When the game was in beta and perl back then.
Admin SilenT 07 Jun 2013 (1,597D 18:21:39 ago)
Bitcoin and Litecoin added for M3

Admin SilenT 21 Dec 2009 (2,861D 19:39:04 ago)
Mollie Payment option added calling 400 credits for 3 euro, I think it's for Netherlands and Belgium users only?
The amount of credits can be changed in the future just a testing fase now.
Admin SilenT 19 Nov 2009 (2,893D 20:19:15 ago)
Devlab Fusion of xp, life, str, dex, agi, intel, conc, cont, weapon, spell, heal, helm, shield, amulet, ring, armor, belt, pants, hand and feet made possible.

Now it's possible to fuse any stats or equipment with other char.
For testing purpose it's released on Devlab first at a price of 5 credits the final price to be determined.
Admin SilenT 17 Nov 2009 (2,895D 19:48:01 ago)
Member info now shows natural stats.

Increased max level, stats, upgrade to : 99,999,999,999,999,999,209,038,626,283,633,850,822,756,121,694,230,455,365,568,299,008
Admin SilenT 15 Nov 2009 (2,897D 15:27:58 ago)
Added: Global Teleportation Service (GTS) BETA
It should be working but not tested yet please post your outcome in forums. Use at your own risk!!!
Admin SilenT 09 Nov 2009 (2,903D 17:08:05 ago)
Launched M3 world.
Admin SilenT 07 Nov 2009 (2,905D 09:27:23 ago)
Added global login on lordsoflords.com main site for all servers, not all worlds are working yet.
Admin SilenT 16 Oct 2009 (2,927D 20:25:24 ago)
Added Global Player Seeker (GPS), easier track down cheaters or finding your friend.
Admin SilenT 23 Sep 2009 (2,950D 05:21:54 ago)
Sorry for the inconvinience and delay.
I kinda messed up the Mysql migration to the new server everything should be working again.

If their are still errors email me.
Admin SilenT 29 Aug 2009 (2,975D 21:06:06 ago)
The new server with 4 times more bandthwidth at 10TB bandwidth will have the same hardware specs but for the half the price as this one.

This server with php4, mysql4 and apache 1 wil be upgraded.

New server will have php5, mysql 5 and apache 2.

New server is rented will be located at this adress:

There will be some workaround on that server, I'll try to get a version of lordsoflords running on that IP to test if everything will work.

Giving myself a month to fit all scripts in php 5.

Bugs, suggestions, seen a cool game feature elsewhere that we want to have, yeah say whatever but say usefull thing or get deleted.

Wil be experimenting with new version of LAMP server for a few weeks.
Admin SilenT 18 Mar 2009 (3,139D 20:15:37 ago)
Sorry sorry sorry.

I haven't done anything lately but making sushi's at www.sushidetoren.com.

Since I have started this fast food & sushi bar thing, I don't had much time left for my other hobbies including golf, computers, games, programming, etc..

I hope to find more spare time behind the computer soon...
Admin SilenT 02 Nov 2008 (3,274D 21:14:00 ago)
Worlds Meadow, Meadow2, Eidolon, Xedon and pdarpg.

These games can now be playing on your smartphone or other browser enabled PDA at www.pdarpg.com.
PDARPG world is launched with this new pdarpg.com domain and only playable there.
Admin SilenT 08 Aug 2008 (3,361D 21:41:02 ago)
Timer change and a floating reply box added to the forums.
Admin SilenT 30 Jul 2008 (3,370D 14:11:22 ago)
Changed the site layout of lordsoflords.com.
Admin SilenT 10 Jul 2008 (3,390D 18:34:01 ago)
Watch out for fake Admin silents in the game!
Fake one's are Silent my name is SilenT, the T is the difference.

Most of my in game accounts are deleted due to inactivity.

The only way to communicate to me is contacting me at lol_silent[at]hotmail.com.

Allopass fixed I think.
Allot non collected funds here, I got an logged IP only.

Please send me your server and username to let me manual give you the credits that belong to you!
Admin SilenT 26 Jun 2008 (3,404D 20:33:19 ago)
Server updated, done no much lately.
Sorry for my absence.
Admin SilenT 10 Mar 2008 (3,512D 19:42:23 ago)
Teleport activated, there is no known big issue that can infect other servers.
Admin SilenT 09 Mar 2008 (3,513D 04:54:10 ago)
Great idea from Omnibus.

Win prices here:
First to level 100 Mil
First Person: = 500 credz
Second person: = 100 credz

First to level 1 Bil
First Person: = 1000 credz
Second Person: = 500 credz
Third person: = 100 credz

First to level 5 Bil
First Person: = 3 GCS
Second Person: = 2 GCS
Third person: = 1 GC
Price allocation in any server.
Admin SilenT 08 Mar 2008 (3,514D 16:54:54 ago)
Anti Bot Protection
Chance of getting one is one 2 out 1000 now.
You need to answer a question in a image like:
Where do fishes swim? Answer is water.
An chicken lays an ...?
How much is 5*5?
What is your current level?
And so on.

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