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1Duke VenezPseudo Dragon5,5003,733,674,798,4820
2Marchioness IrenePseudo Dragon2,446471,723,391,6511,087,094,422,867
3Lady GemsPseudo Dragon26857,92521,223
4Lord CyberlordPseudo Dragon17253,25714,646
5Lord ShadesPseudo Dragon14136,6506,693
6Lord FerneteroPseudo Dragon1391,98921,372
7Lord AlyrPseudo Dragon1165,64314,826
8Lord Bdg247Pseudo Dragon717,5529,808
9Lord EbariPseudo Dragon716,9014,177
10Lord HereherePseudo Dragon67,4045,146
11Lord ImpyPseudo Dragon43,0002,490
12Lord HellionPseudo Dragon31,5742,031
13Lord GunnaPseudo Dragon1501,250
14Lady TerribiaPseudo Dragon1501,250
15Lord FirePseudo Dragon1501,250
16Lord Pseudo Dragon1501,250
17Lord SorushinPseudo Dragon1501,250

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