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Free text based online RPG game, fight monsters, explore worlds, chat or duel other online players.
More than 20 races, fast fighting, no email required to sign up, it's easy, it's fast, it's free!.

Their are 3,304 warriors and wizards that kept their character alive and kicking.
We welcome our newest adventurer Lord Pinterious
Top online exp players
1Premium memberKing MonkcorboPseudo Dragon56,921,211,1589,405M5344M50
2Helper Monkkiller133742,245,789,942115M53M50
3Helper Mergeit2Human357,1652M3100M31
4Helper MergeitHuman356,8082M3100M30
5Helper Mergeit3Human344,5422M3100M30
6Helper Mergeit6Human302,8661M3159,934M20
7Helper Mergeit5Human284,6661M3131,900M21
8Helper Mergeit4Human284,3821M3133,859M20
Their are now 8 visible players online!

Today with 323,665 battles!
08 18 2017 with 844,128 battles!
08 17 2017 with 1,047,347 battles!
08 16 2017 with 1,007,701 battles!
08 15 2017 with 982,811 battles!
08 14 2017 with 803,441 battles!
08 13 2017 with 499,049 battles!
With a grandtotal 8,719,227 battles in 8 days!
Most slaughtering happened on 03 24 2014 with 3,211,085 battles.
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