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admin charlton S2
Death poster
6Y15W1D07:49:58 ago
[My Blog]
im not sure if this is something you can look into.. but today somehow i lost 2 charms while my macro was running. and well... i lost almost 3 quad exp. is it possible for you to see how i lost the charms? if not let me know via in game msg plz. im just kinda mad i now have to click all that back. not looking for anything but an explanation. please and thank you ahead of time for any assistance you can give.
Lord Shayno
6Y15W21:52:32 ago
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[My Blog]
Sounds like you set your auto too high with the XP loss, Charm loss, haven't really heard of that before. Perhaps inventory loss?
Death poster
6Y14W6D23:51:17 ago
[My Blog]
nope not what happened. lol even arch had charms poof on him.
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