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Death poster
3Y49W3D02:15:37 ago
[My Blog]
where can i contact with owner of this game

if i could have any admin email to ask a few questions please provide
Death poster
3Y49W2D12:32:12 ago
[My Blog]
or the owners skype
Admin Jason
3Y49W2D04:25:43 ago
Made 33 posts since 20 Jul 2013

[My Blog]
The owners name on here is Silent, you can send him a message if you want. You can also message any admin ingame, a list of admins can be found on the politics page. Try messaging an admin first to see if we can assist you first.
Death poster
3Y48W6D11:07:19 ago
[My Blog]
How do I play?

Why I have to be level 100 to talk in chat?

Why do I keep gettng jailed?
Lord Ambiti0n
3Y48W5D20:34:19 ago
Made 19 posts since 25 Mar 2014

[My Blog]
Clicking the Guide tab will teach you a little bit about the game.
Small summary of the game: fight monsters and level up. Try and make your character(s) as strong as possible. You can become stronger with bonus charms, stolen stats from inactive characters, or merged stats from really inactive players.
-Donating to the game in payments of 3$ +can get you Freeplay which allows you to level up faster and gain more exp and gold per click.
-Jail is so you cant spam/lag the server and click to fast.
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