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Whos still playing?
Admin SilenT
3Y14W1D23:23:51 ago
Made 12 posts since 01 Jan 2000

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Whos still playing?
Admin Shayno
3Y14W1D22:53:55 ago
Made 125 posts since 24 Jul 2010

[My Blog]
I'm still playing, as well as Rick, Drak, Nikki, Archillies, Dartz, and there are new people joining here and there, hardest thing to do is keep them here due to lack of new features :(
Lord Dartz
3Y14W1D22:42:43 ago
Made 8 posts since 15 Sep 2014

[My Blog]
Yep still playing if the features in SotsE were restored to what it was before the cleanup.
Admin Jason
3Y14W1D17:34:56 ago
Made 33 posts since 20 Jul 2013

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Lies, I am not playing, I'm just a figment of your imaginations. Go back to sleep...
Lord Doctor
3Y12W5D16:42:31 ago
Made 1 posts since 25 Dec 2014

[My Blog]
I was playing Devlab every now and then as I had about 10 premium charms and a few thousand credits.

But it seems that Devlab has been deleted.

Which means that my account has gone too so I've had to make a new one to post in here.

Oh well.

Lord Dartz
3Y12W2D04:15:34 ago
Made 8 posts since 15 Sep 2014

[My Blog]
Bring back the 10 charms limit on SotsE.
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