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What is fun?
Admin Jason
2Y45W3D16:26:21 ago
Made 33 posts since 20 Jul 2013

[My Blog]
What we all have in common is we play LoL, but what else does everyone play or do for fun? For myself, I play the other LoL (League of Legends) Hearthstone, occasionally Final Fantasy 14 online, and I am currently re-reading the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.
Lord Satanus
2Y45W3D11:08:36 ago
Made 3 posts since 14 Apr 2015

[My Blog]
currently playing demon's souls. i'm a glutton for punishment. anyone given the series a go got some tips for me?
edited to add finally decided to start reading game of thrones, so far one book in and already a vast improvement on watching it.... just wish tv hadn't given me faces to put to names!

Edited on 10 May 2015 15:09:01 by Lord Satanus

Lord patrickdemps
1Y38W1D14:06:59 ago
Made 2 posts since 13 Jun 2016

[My Blog]
Currently, playing shadow fight and ffinding it very entertaining other than final fantasy.
Lord Shadowking
1Y25W5D23:55:44 ago
Made 3 posts since 24 Sep 2016

[My Blog]
I currently am 2016 Michigan state bodybuilding welterweight champ and am training for 2017 NAtural northern usa. outside of that i help out with my son's football practice.
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