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Lord mark1212321
876D 02:16:32 ago
Made 1 posts since 21 Jul 2015

[My Blog]
jails have 7 days left, where do we stand as of now in regards to re-jailing and/or w/e, will you at least let me sell my gc's once they have ticked down????
Admin Shayno
866D 07:22:07 ago
Made 125 posts since 24 Jul 2010

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Lord rerererrre
866D 01:36:12 ago
Made 1 posts since 31 Jul 2015

[My Blog]
there are no words to describe how out of order that is.
w/e then see you again at christmas, perhaps you'll be satisfied then

Edited on 31 Jul 2015 17:08:52 by Lord rerererrre

Admin Shayno
862D 08:35:09 ago
Made 125 posts since 24 Jul 2010

[My Blog]
You were told to stop and let the punishment run. you didn't.

Granted, the last month or so, you've only made 4-5 new accounts on all servers.. But haven't chatted much in game.

Regardless. Let these bans run and see what happens.

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