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possible changes to M3
Lord Ragnar

2Y1W6D05:25:29 ago
Made 4 posts since 04 Feb 2017

[My Blog]
Not sure if you will get this SilenT but I was interested in running some things by you for M3. It has become more active and we continue to gain new players weekly. A few things I've thought about was removal of gods, tourney reinstated and functional clans, admin power to grant name changes, shorter wait for inactive chars to go to steals. anyone else can feel free to add anything.
Death poster
2Y1W3D04:35:53 ago
[My Blog]
If silenT ever comes on.. hopefully he will take a few minuets and read this thread.

Possible changes to improve the life of LoL:

1: Able to change existing character names.

2: Make custom titles.

3: Ability to create special / custom races.

Game-play changes:

1: Reducing god's to 2.5%

2: Changing how log it takes to steal from a inactive character from 30 to 10 days.

3: Changing how log it takes to merge from a inactive character from 90 to 20 days.

4: Making God charms 15$ and Heavenly charms 7$.

5: Bring back tourney and fix guild bugs.

6: Fix forums so that titles can be reinstated for HCM.

7: The history page needs to be fixed to show most recent stats

Edited on 07 Feb 2017 05:00:37 by Lord Josh

Death poster
2Y1W3D03:15:20 ago
[My Blog]
i believe that this game needs huge amounts of development, but if it got it it could be great again. i would be willing to spend my time developing the game adding features and improving player retention. i believe allowing the community access to the game files is the best option for game improvements. i propose that the silent allow us the chance to get at the code and implement some changes. the newer version could run along side the old version.

proposed changes:
cheaper freeplay: $1 per 7 days blanket rate. this will facilitate player retention as most end up feeling like the game is very slow.
either much cheaper gc's or removal of gc's: players must not be obligated to pay $125 to play the game as intended, it is far too big of a contribution and hugely influences player retention.
improved exp and gold generation: i believe people need to see more progress more quickly. further increasing player retention.
removal of merges: this system is basically useless, but could be used differently, i.e boss fights.
lower percentage per steal but lower steal wait time: this will facilitate people getting into the game but not effect the overall effectiveness of the steal system.
lower gods cost: this will facilitate the creation of stealer chars.
far smaller wait time for chars to go to steals: further facilitating player retention.
boss fights: adapting the merge system to allow a player to pick a monster with enhanced stats to fight with once every 4 hours or so that will if killed merge with the player. this aspect of the game could have either a factor of chance or a factor of skill involved but would encourage people to be more active, i would suggest macro protection on this one as it would be highly beneficial to stats and it's point would be to have people come in.
More generous world charm stats: further to the no gc's or cheaper gc's addition this would keep people inside leveling range but still allow for paid players to have an advantage.
actual inventory drops: i'm not sure what effect the inventory items have on the player stats as it is now, but this could be a time consuming free endeavor for all players regardless of whether they are paid or not but could allow for freeplay players to progress more quickly. the overall effect from start gear to best gear could ultimately be as little as x1 stats increase at level one and x3 stats increase at max level perhaps even being points based and allowing people to allocate the points into the inventory item they most desire.
Potions Spells Scrolls: more incentives for people to spend their actual time playing the game. could include things like 500% increased charm finding or 500% increased inventory item finding or 3 x charm bonus for 30 minutes and things like this.

the overall idea is to give people a highly involved highly rewarding experience, the game doesn't have to become easier or faster overall, for there to feel like more progress has happened over that time, this would give people a real sense of investment over time and once you have people you have them forever.

further improvements and additions include:
revised duels allowing for people to fight other players for some kind of gain that does not make the other player loss anything
faster leveling because there is no reason to make new players get bored
no level 100 chat restriction
paid service to boost a player to inside 80% of highest level on server
paid service to boost stats to within 80% of max stats on server
paid service to change char name
paid service to change race
paid service to change title
paid service to auto build stealers
paid service to auto drop exp
paid service to give gold
gold/exp exchange allowing players to trade exp for gold and visa versa
functional races
additional stats multipliers
additional stats debuffs for players that jail

also if the game was more generous with exp gold generation the game could force fight times down to 1 per 2 seconds with no negative effects, this aspect of the game should be as even as is possible and not allow for exploitation.

possible addition, stats gifting inventory gifting exp gifting gold gifting potions scrolls and spell gifting
also an evolution of the pet system allowing for temporary help from an npc in fights

there are more but i'm tired
Death poster
2Y1W3D03:06:52 ago
[My Blog]
i know some of that will sound scary, but i honestly believe it is the way to go, facebook sign ups would improve things no end as well. the way you make money with a game like this is to keep people interested and have them invite their friends, and you make money selling reasonably cheap items to lots of people multiple times. i'd rather have 200 people give me $1 a day than 5 people give me $10 a month
Death poster
2Y1W3D02:59:51 ago
[My Blog]
in the short term if the silent did decide to make some additions to the game as it is now,
cheaper gc's
more generous world charms or more charms slots
faster leveling
removal of level 100 chat ban
quicker stealer procs
removal of merges
functional races
slightly higher exp and gold generation
and perhaps a way to tweak stats a bit, so we can channel unneed int into agility or w/e and re balance our chars.
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