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The complete guide, listing and formulas for Lords of Lords.
Last updated 8-7-2003 23:17
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Armors list
1Old Shirt
2Leather Jacket
3Wooden Plate
4Bamboe Plate
5Iron Mail
6Devil skin Suit
7Cape Protection
8Iron Plate
9Ancient Plate
10Ornate Plate
11Demons Scale mail
12Hardened Ring mail
13Sword breaker Plate
14Demons Guardian Suit
15Dragon Eyes Plate
16Spiked Retaliation Plate
17Shark Tooth Plate
18Dragon Bone Plate
19Plate Guardian
20Ancient Blood Cape
21Ancient Thunder Plate
22Ornate Gatekeeper
23Spiked Iron Plate
24Spiked Ancient Plate
25Spiked Ornate Plate
26Stealth Plate
27Stealth Mail
28Stealth Suit
29Blessed Plate
30Blessed Suit
31Blessed Mail
32Blessed Ring mail
33Blessed Scale mail
34Hell Beast Skin
35Ring mail Unknown
36Cape Elements
37Godzilla Skin
38Superior Ancient Plate
39Cape Blood drain
40Superior Ornate Plate
41Invisibility Suit
42Angels Cape
43Fried Godzillas Skin
44Replenishing War cape
45Fearless War plate
46Peace War mail
47Elemental Ring mail
48Returning Fire Skin
49Demonic Ancient Plate
50Aliens Cape
51Diamond Cast Plate
52Adamantean Plate
53War Carbon mail
54War Cast Plate
55War Adamantean Plate
56War Ferrous Carbon mail
57Chaos Diamond Cast Plate
58Chaos Adamantean Plate
59Chaos Ferrous Carbon mail
60Chaos Fury Carbon mail
61Double Ornate Plate
62Moleculaire Plate
63Unweaken Ornate Plate
64Fireghost War Skin
65Frost Dragon Skin
66Poison Skin of Cobra
67Rock Skin of Giants
68Iron Skin of Elements
69Lightning War Mail
70Great mail of Angels
71Heavenly Fire mail
72Drunken Caveman Skin
73Chain Lightning mail
74Wall of Plate
75Inferno Plate
76Lightning Plate
77Fireball Plate
78Poison Plate
79Bone Plate
80Stone Flesh
81Lightning Plate
82Thunder Plate
83Spiked Light plate
84Sweet Plate of Love
85Plate of Undead Kings
86Blood Stop Plate
87Hell Guards Plate
88Kantan Masters Plate
89Silks of Chaos Ghost
90First Lady Plate
91Moon Lighted Plate
92Annihilate War Plate
93Stone Washes Plate
94Locked Virgin Plate
95Lava Washed Angels Plate
96Blinding Plate of Shadows
97Superior Plate of Protection
98Plate of Thunder
99Mesa Snake Plate
100Plate of Spirits
101Demon Livingflesh Skin
102Lightning Chained Plate
103Tainted Chaos Plate
104Elemental Chaos Plate
105Mind Control Plate
106Missing Plate of Misses
107Rock Ornate Fleece
108Admiral War Plate
109Drunken Stone Plate
110Supreme Chaos Plate
111Guardian Chaosornate Plate
112Grim Shadow Plate
113Dark Light Diamond Plate
114Superior Dark Plate
115White Shadow Ornate Plate
116Rainbow Hollow Plate
117Ornate Plate of Insane
118Deadrow Pain Plate
119Destruction Chaos Plate
120Demon Shadow Ornate Plate
121Thrill Pain Plate
122Elemental Nimrod Plate
123Moonshadow Plate of Dragons
124Night Breath Ancient Plate
125Enternal Defenders Skin
126Stealth Ghost Plate
127Heavenly Accidental Plate
128Shadowrain Masters Plate
129Pain Killers Block Mail
130Suffer Breaker Guardian Plate
131Shrinked Titanic Plate
132Cloaked Mind Lord
133Vizor Chaos Ornate Plate
134Atlantic Dreadlock Plate
135Frigin HArd Plate
136Anarchy Storm Plate
137Fire Shadow Plate
138Lightningstorm Ornate Plate
139Laggy Incest Plate
140Dino Plate of Moon
141Wildfirestorm Ancient Plate
142Swordproof Silks
143Elementalproof Mail
144Three Elements Plate
145Five Elements Demon Skin
146Angels Maniac Ornate Plate
147Disaster Master Ancient Stone Plate
148Diamond Elemented Plate
149Blessed Shadow Stoneskin
150Heavenly Painted Cloud Plate
151Hunger Plate of Dark Souls
152Sunshadow Guardian Plate