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The complete guide, listing and formulas for Lords of Lords.
Last updated 8-7-2003 23:17
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Attackspells list
1Ice Wind
2Breath Taker
3Poison Wind
4Disco Inferno
5Lightning Blast
6Stone Crusher
7Ice Wind
8Acid Storm
9Poison Storm
10Fire Storm
11Lightning Storm
12Thunder Storm
13Dead Fog
14Flesh Melt
15Inner Confusion
16Bone Cracker
17Mind Eraser
18Blood Burn
19Spell Of Spirits Touch
20Poison Wind
21Frozen Blast
23Parallux Nexus
24Mind Warp
25Ether Sting
26Bone Chill
27Brain Explosions
28Hart Damage
29Demons Hand
30Mind Stalker
31Brain Storm
32Giant Worms
33Poisoned Claw
34Blood Tears
35Lighting Arrow
36Stone Giant
37Arcane Terror
38Hell Spirit
39Bone Frost
40Needles Eye
41Damned Spectre
42Chill Thrill
43Crazy Vengeance
44Doomed First Lady
45Burning Longs
46Vulcan Corruptions
47Space Asteroids
48Faces of Walls
49Turn Inside Out
50Muscle Melted
51Demons Separated
52Cupido from Hell
53Frozen Orb
54Shock of the Damned
55Guided Lightning
56Brain Shake
57Mesa Asteroids Rain
58Wall of eyeless
59Moleculaire Fader
60Weaken Enemy
61Fire Ghost
62Frost Waterfall
63Poison Ocean
64Rock Blast
65Iron Maiden
66Dual Lightning Charges
67Great Fireballs
68Fire Wall
69Poison Damp
70Chain Lightning
71Wall of Frost
72Inferno Blast
73Lightning Wall
74Fireball Storm
75Poison Tornado
76Bone Spirit
77Stone Flesh
78Lightning Clouds
79Thunder Tornado
80Nonstop Bleeding
81Sweet Blood
82Brain Splat
83Blood Boil
84Hell Blast
85Wak ana Tokoyo
86Chaos Ghost of Lightning
87Instant Pregnant
88Moon Drop
89Arctic Annihilate Freeze
90Lava Dump
91Skeleton Takeover
92Mind Disaster
93Blind Poison
94Long Explode
95Hart Sting
96Multiple Mesa Sun Beam
97Spirit of Elements
98Evil Flesh Ghost
99Chain Lightning Wave
100Terror Drone
101Elemental Blood suck
102Mind Kill
103Muscle Disorder
104Rock Freeze
105Brain Meltdown
106Stonage Spirit
107Head Piercing
108Teleport to Outer space
109Molecular Vanish
110Shadow Eraser
111Send back to History
112Future Travel
113Dino Crush
114Flesh Corruption
115Forsaken Death
116Return to Birth
117Ten Months Pregnant
118Time Eraser
119Eternal Lifetaker
120Darkstorm of Hands
121Shinto Seperator
122Fast Bone Melt
123Arse is on Fire
124Doomed Devastator
125Soul Danger
126Soul Burner
127Hart Explosions
128Blood Burst
129Blood Exchange
130Skull Takeway
131Dragon Rain
132Fast Bone Grow
133Blood Vanish
134Mind Eraser
135Spirit of Anarchy
136Shadow Drain of Life
137Internal Life Taker
138Teleport to Underground
139Brain Vaporise
140Wall of the Banshee
141Evil Giant Undead Critters
142Doomed Acid Fog
143Poisoned Lava Storm
144Fast Skin Removal
145Instant Blood Stop
146Doomed Reepers Hand
147Column of Enternal Fire
148Brain Implode
149Big Maelstrom
150Evil Gang Bang
151Vaporisor Flash
152Doomed Destiny
153Memory Erase
154Evil Dead Plague
155Doomed Showclouds
156Experience Undertaker
157Soul Killer
158Soul Vanish
159Summon Warlord
160Molecular Disassemble