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The complete guide, listing and formulas for Lords of Lords.
Last updated 8-7-2003 23:17
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Feets list
1Broken shoes
2Damage shoes
3Ridiculous shoes
4Old shoes
5Dirty shoes
6Bad shoes
7Liable shoes
8Unparalleled shoes
9New shoes
10Light shoes
11Heavy shoes
12Good shoes
13Super shoes
14Winged shoes
15Parallel shoes
16Superb shoes
17Knight shoes
18Superior shoes
19Giant shoes
20Storm shoes
21Wooden shoes
22Dark shoes
23Medicine shoes
24Iron shoes
25Accuracy shoes
26Steel shoes
27Guardian shoes
28Ornate shoes
29Golden shoes
30Shining shoes
31Speed shoes
32Embarrass shoes
33Battle shoes
34Heroes shoes
35Blinding shoes
36War shoes
37Chaos shoes
38Terror shoes
39Worshiped shoes
40Flying shoes
41Disaster shoes
42Immune shoes
43Existence shoes
44Sand shoes
45Dream shoes
46Poison shoes
47Incredible shoes
48Water shoes
49Venom boots
50Fire boots
51Prophecy boots
52Healing boots
53Sunrise boots
54Frost boots
55Thunder boots
56Lightning boots
57Chilling boots
58Blessed boots
59Ancient boots
60Heavenly boots
61Shadow boots
62Vengeance boots
64Superior boots
65Giant boots
66Storm boots
67Wooden boots
68Dark boots
69Medicine boots
70Iron boots
71Accuracy boots
72Steel boots
73Guardian boots
74Ornate boots
75Golden boots
76Shining boots
77Speed boots
78Embarrass boots
79Battle boots
80Heroes boots
81Blinding boots
82War boots
83Chaos battleboots
84Terror battleboots
85Worshiped battleboots
86Flying battleboots
87Disaster battleboots
88Immune battleboots
89Existence battleboots
90Sand battleboots
91Dream battleboots
92Poison battleboots
93Incredible battleboots
94Water battleboots
95Venom battleboots
96Fire battleboots
97Prophecy battleboots
98Healing battleboots
99Sunrise battleboots
100Frost battleboots
101Thunder battleboots
102Lightning battleboots
103Chilling battleboots
104Blessed battleboots
105Ancient battleboots
106Heavenly warboots
107Shadow warboots
108Vengeance warboots
109Elemental warboots
110Guardian warboots
111Ornate warboots
112Golden warboots
113Shining warboots
114Speed warboots
115Embarrass warboots
116Battle warboots
117Heroes warboots
118Blinding warboots
119War warboots
120Chaos warboots
121Terror warboots
122Worshiped warboots
123Flying warboots
124Disaster warboots
125Immune warboots
126Existence warboots
127Sand warboots
128Dream chaosboots
129Poison chaosboots
130Incredible chaosboots
131Water chaosboots
132Venom chaosboots
133Fire chaosboots
134Prophecy chaosboots
135Healing chaosboots
136Sunrise chaosboots
137Frost chaosboots
138Thunder chaosboots
139Lightning chaosboots
140Chilling chaosboots
141Blessed chaosboots
142Ancient chaosboots
143Heavenly chaosboots
144Shadow chaosboots
145Vengeance chaosboots
146Vibration chaosboots
147Freezing chaosboots
148Moonstone chaosboots
149Sunburned chaosboots
150Moonshadow chaosboots
151Elemental chaosboots