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The complete guide, listing and formulas for Lords of Lords.
Last updated 8-7-2003 23:17
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Healspells list
1Minor Rest
2Minor Blessing
3Health Breath
4Minor Healing
5Minor Recovery
6Major Rest
7Major Blessing
8Major Healing
9Major Recovery
10Minor Rejuvenation
11Major Rejuvenation
12Mega Healing
13Mega Recovery
14Mega Rejuvenation
15Super Healing
16Super Recovery
17Super Rejuvenation
18Blood Lust
19Soul Survivor
20Guardian Breath
21Guardian Health
22Guardian Breath
23Guardian Health
24Guardian Salvation
25Guardian Resurrection
26Guardian Life
27Guardian Rebirth
28Guardian Heaven
29Angels Breath
30Angels Health
31Angels Salvation
32Angels Resurrection
33Angels Life
34Angels Rebirth
35Angels Heaven
36Heavenly Health
37Heavenly Salvation
38Heavenly Life
39Heavenly Breath
40Heavenly Resurrection
41Sexy Bitches
42Nurse from heaven
43Angels of Big Resurrection
44Angels of Life rain
45Reborn Angels
46Super Angels
47Heavenly Mega Health
48Heavenly Mega Salvation
49Heavenly Mega Life
50Heavenly Mega Breath
51Superior Angel of Life
52Superior Angel of Rebirth