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The complete guide, listing and formulas for Lords of Lords.
Last updated 8-7-2003 23:17
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Helmets list
1Silk Cap
2Wooden Cap
3Steel Cap
4War Cap
5Battle Helmet
6War Helmet
7Crown of Life
8Iron Crown
9Bone Crown
10Winged Helmet
11Winged Crown
12Grim Cap
13Stone Hat
14Bumping Helmet
15Fireball Hat
16Thinking Cap
17G-Spark Hat
18Heavenly Crown
19Angels Underwear
20Winged Ancient Helmet
21Devil skin Hat
22Grim Helmet
23Iron War Hat
24Superior Battle Helmet
25Ancient Viking Horns
26Dragon Skin Chaos Cap
27Undead King Crown
28Spiked War Helmet
29Lightning Charged Cap
30Dragon Skin War Hat
31Xenas Hat
32Exodus Chill Cap
33Sparkling Ice Helmet
34Freezing Chaos Crown
35Elephant Horn
36Da That Hat
37Cap of Testimonial
38Chain Chaos Helmet
39Den Duff Crown
40Mammoet Horn
41Superior Fear Hat
42Advanced Chaos Cap
43Replenishing Helmet
44Horned War Crown
45Unicorn Horn
46Hat from Timboekoe
47Wizards Force cap
48Elemental Helmet of Rival
49Diamond Crown
50Winged Chaos Horn
51Unicorn Warhorn
52Enigmatic Helm
53Grand Crown of Xenea
54Mask of the Exodus
55Helm of Ice
56Helm of Fire
57Helm of the Earth
58Helm of the Wind
59Helm of the Light
60Helm of the Elements
61Crown of the Daimyo
62Crown of the Lords
63Shoguns Death Mask
64Emperors Death mask
65Helm of Rejuvenation
66Helm of the Raging Bull
67Horns of the Unicorn
68Grand Crown of the Undead
69Mask of Wizardry
70Glowing Helm of Elements
71Royal Crown of Heavens
72Winged Horn of Chaos
73Basinet of Legions
74Crown of the Living Dead
75Helm of Inferno
76Golden Helm of Flight
77Helm of the Sakura
78Golden Helm of Fire
79Golden Helm of Ice
80Golden Helm of Earth
81Golden Helm of Elements
82Skull of the Winter Wolf
83Skull of the Grizzly
84Forces of Nature
85Helm of Barbadia
86Titanic Crown of the Giants
87Grand Crown of the Spirits
88Triomf Helm of Peace
89Fungi Hat of Mages
90Fogo Splas Helmet
91Superior Giant Chaos Helm
92Triple Winged Diamond Helm
93Forsaken Helemt of Shadow
94Grim Mask of Souls
95Blessed Holy Mozes Cap
96Dark Dragonskin Cap
97Hell Party Hat
98Floating Razor Helmet
99Cloaking Thunder Ears
100Angelwings Helmet
101Heavenly Helm of Justice