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The complete guide, listing and formulas for Lords of Lords.
Last updated 8-7-2003 23:17
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Monsters list
4Snake Eye
5Attack Dog
6Guard Soldier
7Sword Man
8Gate Keeper
12Skeleton King
13Undead Emperor
14Evil Magician
15Thunder Spectre
16Emo Kids
17Hardcore Emo
19Baby Dragon
20Giant Worm
22Archer Tell
26Dragon Rider
27Wild Bill Havoc
28Bat Fasterman
29Soul Breaker
30Diablos Knight
32Fire Dragon
33Hell Knight
34Fatal Chick
35Disaster Master
36Troll Vampire
37Mind Reader
38Robo Dracula
39Chemical Ogre
41Spider Alfs
42King Kong
43Summo Rat
44Ninja Snurtle
46Sheba Joker
47Shako Zulu
48Quanta Kinta
49Immortal Sil
50Demon Magician
51Fearless Orc
52Chem Alien
53Soul Taker
54Mighty Oro
55Da Intruder
56King Shredder
57Shinto Kan
58Laughing Demon
59Wilders Slayer
60Bush Basher
61Satans Knight
62Demon Dundee
63Mighty Cat
64Triad Momoe
65Ancient Mummy
66Eliminator Cloud
67Undead Demon
68Eternal Death
69Annihilator Gator
71Evil Brain Smacker
72Ancient Mojo
73King Shroud
74Evil Blow up doll
75Mean Machine
76Terminator Five
77Fearless Designator
78Mutant Bambi
79Giant Evil Garfield
80Katana Master
82Evil Cartman
83Lucky Chucky
84Devil Batman
85Spider Feme Fatale
86Shaba Shaman
87Hammerfist Shogun
88Soul of Terror
89McDonald Evil Clown
90Lord of Ninja clans
91Stealth Assassin
92Godzillas Father
93Giant Demon Bear
94Rock Pimp
95Head Hunter Shaman
96King Baba
97Poison Ant of Chaos
98Lightning Storm troopers
99Beanies and Butdead
100King of Undead Skeletons
101Flying Banshee Ghost
102Lord of Spirit Imperium
103King Terminator
104Diablos Diabolo
105Sharon Stoned Ice Prim
106King of Weed Smokers
107Hells War General
108Special Hell force
109Hell force Captain
110Avenging Opossum
111Hell Bovine
112Doom Touche
113Scythe Flyer
114Lord Grimshaba
115King Godzilla
116Shogun of Hell
117Raving Drunken Madman
118King Peanuts Ripper
119Emperor Nightshade
120King of the Shadow
121Lord of Haunted Frog
122Fog Master of Chaos
123Blessed Holy Ghost
124King Eternal Experminator
125King Shadow beast
126Lord of Destruction
127Lord Demon Humiliator
128Baroness Pain Killer
129Lord of Elements
130Shogun Moonshadow
131Lord Nightflyer Vampier
132Lord Exterminator
133Shinny Evil Ghost
134King Extinction
135King of the Shadow
136Lord of Eternal Pain
137Lord of Eternal Suffer
138Baron of Shamans
139Cloaked Mind Lord
140Countess of Insane Visions
141Baron of Haunted Frog
142Count Poisoned Dracula
143Sorcerers Grim Dracula
144King Infernal Flame
145King the Shadowdrain
146Count Dragon Rider
147Lord Dino Rider
148King T-Rex
149Lord of Shadowlight
150Evil Askari Knight
151Count Pegasus Demon
152King of Lightning Pythons
153Lord of Earthquake Maniac
154King Disaster Master
155Viscountess Unreal Sheba
156King Post Mortem
157Marquis Duke Nuke
158Prince of Death
159Lords of Lords
160Lord Eternal Devastator
161Battlelady Nighteye
162Battlelord Hell Bovine
163Battlelord Doom Touche
164Battlelord Flyer
165Battlelord Grimshaba
166Battlelord Godzilla
167Battlelord Shogun
168Battlelord Drunken Madman
169Battlelady Peanuts Ripper
170Battlelady Nightshade
171Battlelady Shadowfeets
172Battlelord Fog of war
173Battlelord of Chaos
174Battlelord Holy Ghost
175Battlelord Experminator
176Battlelord Shadow beast
177Battlelord of Destruction
178Battlelord Demon Humiliator
179Battlelady Pain Killer
180Battlelady of Elements
181Battlelady Moonshadow
182Battlelord Nightflyer
183Battlelord Exterminator
184Warlord Evil Ghost
185Warlord Exterminator
186Warlady of Shadow
187Warlady of Eternal Pain
188Warlady of Eternal Suffer
189Warlord of Shamans
190Warlord Mind Lord
191Warlady of Insane Visions
192Warlord of Haunted Frog
193Warlord Poisoned Dracula
194Warlord Grim Dracula
195Warlord Infernal Flame
196Warlady Shadowdrain
197Warlord Dragon Rider
198Warlord Dino Rider
199Warlord T-Rex
200Chaoslady of Shadowlight
201Chaoslord Askari Knight
202Chaoslord Pegasus Demon
203Chaoslord Demon Pythons
204Chaoslord Maniac
205Chaoslord Disaster Master
206Chaoslady Evil Countess
207Chaoslady Unreal Sheba
208Chaoslord Post Mortem
209Shadowlord Duke Nuke
210Shadow King of Extinction