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The complete guide, listing and formulas for Lords of Lords.
Last updated 8-7-2003 23:17
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Rings list
1Wooden Ring
2Power Ring
3Magic Ring
4Blessed Ring
5Blood Ring
6Shrine Ring
7Demons Ring
8Ring Angels
9Stone of Gordon
10Heavens Stone
11Heavenly Crystal
12Chilled Crystal
13Ring of Great Fire
14Devarones Stone
15Dark stone of Light
16Ancient War Stone
17Superior Diamont Stone
18Stone of Undead King
19Grim Stone of Magic
20Superior Elemental Stone
21Angels War Ear
22Superior Shark Brains
23Superior Dragons Eye
24Shadow Diamond of Magic
25Dark Ring of Masters
26Superior Chaos Ring
27Undead Kings Ring
28Spiked Ring of Beasts
29Diablos Stone of Magic
30Dragons Ring of Fire
31Stoned Ring of Weed
32Champions Ring of Wizards
33Sparkling Ice Ring
34Freezing Chaos Ring
35Elephant Tale Ring
36Fireballs Ring
37Ring of Deftone
38Chaos Ring of Stealth
39Angels Ring of Wizards
40Mamma Goldstone Ring
41Superior Shamans Ring
42Chaos Supermans Eye Ring
43Replenishing Ring
44Wizards Ancient Ring
45Unicorn Ring of Love
46Heavenly Ring of Might
47Unfizzled Ring of Kings
48Answer Ring of Questions
49Diamond Dark Ring
50Golden Ring of Shadow
51Platinum Elemental Stone