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The complete guide, listing and formulas for Lords of Lords.
Last updated 8-7-2003 23:17
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Weapons list
1Fly bat
2Rusty Fork
3Old Knife
4Damaged Sword
5Broken Scythe
6Tinny Spear
7Headless Mace
8Wood Staff
9Tiger Claw
10Iron Knife
11Short Sword
12Steel Lance
15Butterfly Sword
16Ancient Hydra
17Viashino Cutthroat
19Long Spear
20Blessed Hammer
21Giant Staff
22Kings Sword
23Double Axe
24Lance Axe
25Fire Sword
26Poisoned Mace
27Mighty Dirk
28Ancient Wand
29Ornate Longsword
30Godzilla Tooth
31Unknown Dagger
32Revengers Hammer
33Battle Knife
34War Spear
35Double Staff
36Faceless Axe
37Ninja Sword
38Samurai Longsword
39Superior Wand
40Slaughter Hammer
41Element Axe
42Dragon tooth Mace
43Blessed Battle lance
44Superior War hammer
45Kings Martel
46Lightning Lance
47Grim ripper Longsword
48Shockering Staff
49Automatic Great bow
50Dino War mace
51Skin Stripper
52Brain Cracker
53Soul bender War lance
54Ancient Katana
55Flying Sword saw
56Throwing War hammer
57Piercing War dagger
58Four sided War axe
59Yelling Grandmother
60Demon kings Torment
61Grim reaper Scythe
62Godzillas Spiked Tail
63Demons Jawbreaker
64Life Taker
65Force Charger
66Four yard War scythe
67Stealth Longsword
68Eartbreaker War hammer
69Spirit Katana
70Blessed Cross sword
71Chilled War wand
72Heavens Guard sword
73Guided War bow
74Giant War Martel
75Dark Revengers Knife
76Superior War hammer
77Ancient War sword
78Excalibur of Giants
79Superior lance of Piercing
80Poisoned Double bow
81Giant Nunjakos
82Guided Ninja Stars
83Twenty Feet War lance
84Excalibur of Piercing
85Revengers Slaughter Knife
86Superior War martel
87Ancient Longsword
88Thunder gods War martel
89Demons Grim Mace
90Hell Councils War wand
91Stone keepers Chaos staff
92Elemental Stinger sword
93Hells Executors Head axe
94Elemental Excalibur
95Thors War martel
96Chaos Scythe of Blinds
97Swordcrakers Scissors
98Ancient Diamond Sword
99Soul raiders Chaos lance
100Avengers Chaos Axe
101Sword of Chaos
102Sword of Burning Souls
103Supermonkeys War lance
104Giants Five Feet Long Sword
105Penetrators Chaos sword
106Longsword of Five Elements
107Thundermartel of Guardian Angel
108Choassword of Shadows
109Spiked Boomerang of Elements
110Diamond Sharpened Katana
111Choasstaff of Heavenly Wizards
112Sentries Doom Shadow Wand
113Instant Death Dagger of Piercing
114Frozen Chaos Longsword
115Dracula Teeth Spiked Doom Mace
116Superior Chaos Spear of Light
117Demon Blood Painted Chaosstaff
118Forbidden Sword of Slaughters
119Mulit Missile Chaosbow
120Diamond Lance of Elements
121Instant Dead Dagger of Piercing
122Golden Chaos Hammer of Pain
123Lightning Charged Warbow
124Superior Tesla Grimsword
125Thundermartel of Flat Crush
126Demon Scythe of Limits
127Shrinking Demon Wand
128Hunterbow of Precision
129Shadowbow With guided Arrows
130Seputurian Chaoslance
131Voodoo Grimrip Wand
132Thunderlance of Shadows
133Holy Warscepter of Heavens
134Longsword of Hellgate Guard
135Full Duplex Diamond Chaosmartel
136Forcefeeded Bonehammer of Uri
137Lamas Gigantic Doublesword
138Chaosscythe of Elements
139Shadow Razor Daggers
140Foursided Lightningmartel
141Godhammer of Earthquake
142Diamond Ninja Stars
143Dagger of Eternal Virgin
144Ancient Grim Bone of Elements
145Poisoned Suicide Dagger
146Superior Longsword of Defrocks
147Ultimate Avengers Longsword
148Elemental Shadowspear
149Sunfire Diamond Sword
150Shadowlance of Moonlight
151Walhallas Chaostusk
152Shadowkatana of Assassins
153Elemental Spearmace
154Chaoslongsword of Terror
155Hybrid Fugu Legendkatana
156Sword of the Sixth Element